земля имя существительное:
земля (Earth, land, ground, soil, territory, dirt)
заземление (ground, grounding, earthing, earth)
основание (base, basis, reason, bottom, foundation, ground)
грунт (priming, ground, soil, earth, bottom, dirt)
пол (floor, flooring, gender, sex, ground)
почва (soil, ground, Land, earth, bedrock, dirt)
полигон (polygon, ground, range, shooting range, butt, firing field)
основа (warp, basis, base, foundation, framework, ground)
фон (background, ground, context, foil, field, fond)
местность (terrain, locality, country, ground, community, situation)
участок земли (plot, ground, parcel, lot, allotment, grounds)
причина (cause, reason, why, root, ground, account)
база (base, basis, ground, pedestal)
расстояние (distance, length, spacing, space, width, ground)
плац (ground, parade)
спортплощадка (sports ground, playground, athletic field, ground, Field)
мотив (motive, tune, reason, cause, ground, spring)
область (area, region, field, domain, range, ground)
гуща (thick, ground, sediment)
аэродром (aerodrome, airfield, airdrome, landing field, ground)
дно моря (ground, floor)
осадок (precipitate, sediment, residue, sludge, deposit, ground)
парк при доме (ground, grounds)
сад при доме (ground)
спортивная площадка а (ground)
тема (TOPIC, theme, subject, text, chapter, ground)
имя прилагательное:
молотый (ground, milled)
грунтовой (ground, unpaved)
измельченный (crushed, ground, adust)
донный (ground)
тертый (grated, ground, hardened)
притертый (ground, ground-in)
толченый (crushed, pounded, ground)
шлифовальный (grinding, polishing, ground)
заземлять (ground, earth)
основывать (base, found, establish, ground, rest, set up)
обосновывать (ground, found)
грунтовать (prime, ground, blot, pad, clearcole)
приземляться (land, land on, ground, touch down, alight, take ground)
стачиваться (grind, ground)
опускать на землю (ground)
опускаться на землю (ground)
сесть на мель (run aground, strand, go aground, take the ground, ground, strike aground)
заставить приземлиться (ground)
запрещать полеты (ground)
обучать основам предмета (ground)
мездрить (ground, scour)
наскакивать на мель (be driven ashore, pile up, run ashore, ground)
сажать на мель (beach, Strand, ground)
класть на землю (ground)
зубрить (swot, grind, muzz, sap, mug, ground)
загрунтовывать (ground)
обучать (train, teach, instruct, tutor, School, ground)
отстранять от полетов (ground)

Англо-русский синонимический словарь. 2014.

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